• Unwanted Guest (MP4) - Claire Irons

Claire arrives home to find an intruder who wants to make use of her house for a few days. To make sure she does not cause any trouble for him, he has set things up in the basement to keep her restrained. He tells her to walk down the stairs, but Claire admits that she is desperate to pee and wants to use the bathroom before she does anything else. The intruder refuses to let her go and makes her descend to the basement. There, she is told to secure her ankles together with a zip tie and gag herself with a strip of duct tape. She asks again for the use of the bathroom, but the intruder is not interested in her predicament. He compels her to lock her wrists in the cuffs hanging from the ceiling, then leaves her alone to stand there with a full bladder. Knowing how cold and wet she will feel if she wets her pants, not to mention the damage this would do to her boots, Claire struggles to hold her pee, hoping the intruder may come back and show a little compassion. Alas, he does not return. Claire waits as long as she can, but in the end the pressure on her full bladder makes her piss herself. She moans as the wetness spreads down her legs and into her boots, and there is not a thing she can do about it.

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Unwanted Guest (MP4) - Claire Irons

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