• Jasmine's Peeing In A Skirt Collection (MP4) - Jasmine St James

1. Wait For Further Instructions
A man tells Jasmine that he has something incriminating on her, and if she doesn't want him to report it to the authorities, she will have to do exactly as he says. He wants her to arrive home desperate to pee and not use the bathroom. Instead, she must go about her usual tasks with a full bladder, and hold it until he calls to give her permission to relieve herself. Jasmine struggles through her chores, desperately trying not to lose control, but she is bursting for a pee and can't wait much longer.

2. Embarrassing Dilemma   
Jasmine has arrived home from work and discovers she has accidentally locked her keys in the car and cannot get into her house. She badly needs to pee, so she goes to her neighbor's house hoping to use his bathroom. Alas, the bathroom is occupied, so Jasmine has to make do with calling her boyfriend to encourage him to hurry home. Left alone, Jasmine frantically pee dances and holds her crotch, really hard, to try to keep from pissing herself. Can she wait until the bathroom is free or will she suffer the humiliation of peeing on the floor.

3. So Very Desperate    
Jasmine begins this video absolutely bursting for a piss. She can't stand still; she can't concentrate; her bladder is full to bursting point. She pleads to be allowed to visit the bathroom but her requests are denied. She desperate; she's about to explode; she can barely hold it in. When she loses control, pee gushes out of her with tremendous power, flooding down her legs in a fast torrent. The relief is enormous, the flood extensive.

4. Hiding Her Desperation   
Jasmine is a maid who has been accused of acquiring items while she cleans a house for a somewhat crusty old guy. She denies ever taking anything, but clearly her employer is not reassured by her assertion. He asks her for permission to search her purse, and then her vehicle before she leaves for the day. While he is conducting his search, an embarrassed Jasmine does her best not to betray the fact that she is really desperate to pee, but the search is taking such a long time...

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Jasmine's Peeing In A Skirt Collection (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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