• Jayne Remastered: Volume 11 (MP4) - 2 hours 23 minutes

1. Driving Lesson Remastered
24 minutes 18 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,125.2 MB
Jayne is running late for a driving lesson, and it is her last one before she takes her driving test, for the third time. Jayne finally arrives looking flustered, having missed the bus. She also needs to pee but there is not time for her to find a bathroom now, her lesson time is already half gone. Jayne drives with obvious difficulty, struggling with a full bladder. She makes numerous mistakes and can't remember the answers to some of the road safety questions, so her prospects of getting a drivers license are not looking good. To make her situation even worse, she reaches a point where she can't hold her pee any more, hastily climbs out of the car and stand there pissing her jeans. Needless-to-say, the instructor does not want her back in his car after that.

2. Peeing On A Swing
27 minutes 57 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,294.3 MB
We accompany Jayne for several hours one afternoon as she drinks liquids and allows her bladder to fill until she is bursting to pee. She starts out at home drinking coffee, then we see her at a restaurant having lunch and drinking tea and water. Next, we have some shopping to do at a supermarket. During her time in there, however, Jayne's desperation becomes acute and she is compelled to leave. Back at the vehicle, she switches on her own camera to explain her predicament; essentially, she was on the verge of pissing herself at the checkout counter. Now she has to wait for the cameraman to return, and she's bursting. Instead of moving on to another location, Jayne expresses the urgency of her need to pee, so further driving is aborted and the cameraman pulls over to the edge of the parking area. Jayne plucks up the courage to get out and walk to a playing field where Jayne sits on a wall for a few minutes, waiting for the coast to be clear. It is clear she is barely able to hold it. Nearly wetting herself, she crosses to some swings and sits on one of them. She simply has to pee, and clearly embarrassed, she wets her pants, making a rather large puddle on the ground. Afraid that someone might notice what she has done, Jayne hurries back to the vehicle where we find her actually blushing.

3. Stuck Zipper 4 Remastered
21 minutes 06 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 976.5 MB
We were planning to film a stuck zipper scenario out in the woods, but Jayne left it too late and started out with a bladder already very full. She tries her best to hold on until we can sort out the details of what we will be doing, but she is clearly getting into a seriously desperate state. We have barely even started the scenario when she loses control and pisses her jeans, completely soaking them. We switch to a behind the scenes style video in order to salvage the event, and follow Jayne on the long walk back to the house in her wet jeans, hoping she does not meet any hikers on the way.

4. How Dare You Resign, Miss Jones Remastered
9 minutes 54 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 457.9 MB
After resigning her post as secretary with insufficient notice and making her boss is really annoyed with her, he decides to make her hold it one last time before she finally departs for good. What better way to get his own back on a secretary who simply cannot stop pissing herself than to handcuff her to the outside of a portable toilet, making her stand there with a nearly-bursting bladder with a lavatory just a few feet away. For Miss Jones, this is the end of a truly terrible week as she loses control of her bladder once more. Her panties have scarcely been dry at all!

5. Chores Before She Can Pee Remastered
28 minutes 23 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,305.9 MB
Jayne was encouraged to drink rather a lot of liquid and then given a series of chores to perform before she is allowed to use the bathroom. The movie, with no edits, and follows Jayne as she works her way through her chores. The first one is to walk with a book balanced on her head, and every time it falls off she has to drink half a bottle of water. After that, we move on to watering the garden with a hose pipe (all that gushing water!) and shoveling up earth and stones into a wheel barrow. The tasks get steadily harder as Jayne's bladder grows harder too. Will she make it to the end of the her chores and get to the bathroom in time? It's extremely unlikely, given where she is!

6. The Witness Remastered
18 minutes 48 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 865.8 MB
Jayne has received a subpoena to give evidence in a trial where she is the key witness to her former boss, John Farrell, embezzling funds from his employees' pension fund. Just as she is starting out for the court house, a man working for Farrell stops her and makes her go back inside her house. She is compelled to sit in her unfinished office for a while until her captor asks her to cook him some lunch. She clears up the kitchen and then microwaves a ready-made meal. At this point, Jayne asks if she might use the bathroom, but when her captor says that he will come into the bathroom with her, she changes her mind. Jayne is obviously uncomfortable but makes not further requests for a visit to the bathroom. Her captor is tired and wants to rest, so he takes Jayne to the bedroom and handcuffs her to one of the bed posts, leaving her to spend the night like this. By early morning, Jayne is really desperate to pee and calls for help. Her captor finally relents and lets her go into the bathroom alone, but when he catches her trying to climb out of the window, he marches her back to her office and makes her handcuff herself to the chair. He then leaves to get himself some breakfast, leaving Jayne alone. Unable to wait any longer, Jayne lifts her skirt and pees on the floor. Afterwards, she peels off her wet panties and throws them down next to the wet patch on the carpet. The video concludes with a behind the scenes chat with Jayne.

7. Christmas With Jayne Remastered
12 minutes 59 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 599.9 MB
It's Christmas, and Santa's little elf has come to visit. Jayne, dressed in a vintage, red velvet corset, garter belt (suspender belt), stockings and heels, sits in front of a Christmas tree and chats to you. She shows you the blue dress she peed on in Still Life, and wraps it in red paper. For the rest of this movie, you get to watch Jayne squirming around because she seriously needs to pee. Since we can't let her go on the carpet, we finally accompany her to the bathroom where she pees through her panties. Please note: you don't see the stream, but you can hear it. The panties are black so there is nothing to see. What you do see is Jayne sitting on the toilet and relieving herself, and her wonderful expression as relief fills her face.

Jayne Remastered: Volume 11 (MP4) - 2 hours 23 minutes

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