• The Witness Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

Jayne has received a subpoena to give evidence in a trial where she is the key witness to her former boss, John Farrell, embezzling funds from his employees' pension fund. Just as she is starting out for the court house, a man working for Farrell stops her and makes her go back inside her house. She is compelled to sit in her unfinished office for a while until her captor asks her to cook him some lunch. She clears up the kitchen and then microwaves a ready-made meal. At this point, Jayne asks if she might use the bathroom, but when her captor says that he will come into the bathroom with her, she changes her mind. Jayne is obviously uncomfortable but makes not further requests for a visit to the bathroom. Her captor is tired and wants to rest, so he takes Jayne to the bedroom and handcuffs her to one of the bed posts, leaving her to spend the night like this. By early morning, Jayne is really desperate to pee and calls for help. Her captor finally relents and lets her go into the bathroom alone, but when he catches her trying to climb out of the window, he marches her back to her office and makes her handcuff herself to the chair. He then leaves to get himself some breakfast, leaving Jayne alone. Unable to wait any longer, Jayne lifts her skirt and pees on the floor. Afterwards, she peels off her wet panties and throws them down next to the wet patch on the carpet. The video concludes with a behind the scenes chat with Jayne.

18 minutes 48 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 865.8 MB

The Witness Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

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