• Made To Piss Her Pants (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa arrives home desperate to pee and disturbs a burglar in the process of helping himself to her valuables. He is not at all pleased that she has seen his face, and ponders what to do with her while he makes good his escape. While he is deliberating, Carissa is squirming anxiously, wanting nothing more than to run to the bathroom to relieve herself. She asks if she can have a toilet break, but the burglar doesn't want to let her out of his sight, not before he has solved the problem of what to do with her. As he considers his options, Carissa grows increasingly desperate to piss and is worried that she can't hold on much longer. She repeatedly pleads for access to the bathroom, but her requests are denied. The burglar takes so long in his deliberations that Carissa loses control of her very full bladder and pisses in her jeans. She hopes that she will at least be allowed to clean herself up, but the burglar has hit upon the solution to his problem; he intends to lock Carissa out of the house without key or cellphone, fairly certain she won't run to a neighbor's house for help now that she has the added humiliation of pissing her pants. She is made to step out on the deck in the pouring rain, the burglar quipping that the rain with eventually hide her embarrassing accident.

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Made To Piss Her Pants (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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