• About To Lose Control (MP4) - Jasmine St James

For Jasmine's latest challenge, she is tasked with chaining up her ankle to prevent her running to the bathroom, and starting out needing to pee. She has consumed a lot of liquid during the preceding hour and her bladder is already uncomfortably full. She would like to pee right away, but she can't: She has no vessel to pee into, and carpet beneath her. All she can do is hold it and wait, and she has to wait at least forty five minutes before there is any hope of being handed a container into which she can relieve herself. As time passes, Jasmine becomes steadily more panicked as the urge to pee threatens to outstrip her ability to control herself. It is not long before she is bursting and afraid to move in case she leaks. For this challenge, she has no access to a clock and therefore cannot gauge the passage of time, making her situation even more desperate.Still worse is the fact that she was told she could not wear panties for this custom, removing that psychological barrier that helps a girl to hold her pee, no matter how full her bladder feels.

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About To Lose Control (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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