• The Governor's Choice (MP4) - Jasmine St James

As we begin Jasmine's latest custom, she refers to making "a grave mistake". She started imbibing early in the day, peed twice as she tried to pace herself, then just before she was about to leave home, she found herself incredibly desperate to pee. She struggled throughout her drive to reach us, and recorded the first 10 minutes of this video while in transit in case she did not make it, and be compelled to stop on the roadside to relieve herself. As it turned out, she managed to complete the journey but she was in a terrible state by then.

The scenario has her as a prisoner in a women's correctional facility where, every month, the prison governor asks for an inmate to be brought to his office with a full bladder, and then have to hold it until he allows her to pee. On this occasion, he has been delayed by his duties, and Jasmine is placed in a holding cell until her guard receives a call to take her to the Governor's office. While there, Jasmine is instructed to change out of her prison clothes and put on the stockings, dress and heels the Governor has selected for her This month, he has chosen a mid-twentieth century style for his choice of the month to wear.

Jasmine asks how long it will be before she is taken to meet the Governor, because she is bursting for a pee and is worried that she can't hold it much longer, having been plied with water all morning in preparation. The guard tells her that if she loses control before reaching the Governor's office, she will be punished with a month in solitary confinement. Jasmine doesn't want that, but at the same time her bladder is almost bursting. She wiggles and paces, struggling to control herself, but the pressure is immense. Finally, she can't hold it any longer and pee streams down between her legs.

About half go this video is behind the scenes material, with Jasmine only getting about a third of the way through the scenario. She was so desperate she could not concentrate, and admitted she had not read half of the script. She also talks about her ordeal once she has pissed herself. Because she failed to deliver on the custom side of things (although she more than delivered on the desperation side), she has offered to perform a part two for this custom, if required. Now who is going to pass up a chance like that?

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The Governor's Choice (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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