• The League Of Desperate Ladies Remastered Set (MP4) - 1 hour 57 minutes

1. The League of Desperate Ladies 2 Remastered
19 minutes 20 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 894.9 MB
Beverly is the second lady from the League to take up the challenge to hold her pee for three hours, drinking liquids along the way. Confident that she will make it, Beverly drinks water freely, but as the time passes she grows increasingly uncomfortable and needs something to take her mind off her predicament. She begins alphabetizing her client's video collection. How far does she get with it before more pressing matters sap her powers of organization? The last few minutes of this movie show Beverly in the bathroom, giving the viewer what she calls a freebie. Despite the massive emptying out in the main part of the movie, she still has a lot more pee in her bladder. She stands in the bath with dress raised and lets it go through her panties... just for you.

2. The League of Desperate Ladies 4 Remastered
26 minutes 32 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,228.0 MB
Continuing the series of movies where girls from an agency called The League of Desperate Ladies send out their best holders to clients who will pay handsomely to watch a woman squirming in desperation as she tries to drink liquid and not lose control of her bladder for three hours.Danielle is supremely confident of her ability to hold it when she arrives, and maintains a defiant air even as she becomes enormously desperate to pee. Like Jayne before her, Danielle accuses the client of tampering with the clock to make her wait longer than the prescribed time. With just minutes remaining on the clock, Danielle says she is not going to tolerate cheating and rises to leave. On the door step, she wets her skirt, pantyhose and shoes. In her hurry, she has forgotten her coat, and when the client returns from retrieving it for her, he finds Danielle wetting herself again. When she empties out her shoes before departing, rather a lot of pee spills out.

3. The League Of Desperate Ladies 6 Remastered
21 minutes 45 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,005.6 MB
Company CEO Jayne is back and this time she has brought some help. She is determined that this client will not keep the agency's fee this time. With three women participating this time, surely one of them must be able to last the requisite three hours? There is a lot of struggling from Nyxon early on because she simply does not have the stamina to hold it and soon disgraces herself. After soaking up some of her own puddle with paper towels, she departs. And then there were two... two of the biggest holders in the business, and they are both still drinking water! Jayne makes a valiant effort to hold it, but even she is finally overcome with sheer desperation and loses control, gushing pee all over her boots. This leaves only Lola. As she nears the three hour limit, Lola paces and squirms, moans and holds herself with her fingers, struggling to make it those last few minutes. Somehow, she makes it and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. There, she gains much needed relief, showing all to the camera as she lets it go.

4. The League of Desperate Ladies 7 Remastered
32 minutes 10 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,488.9 MB
The League of Desperate Ladies series resumes with Sienna as the new recruit in the agency. Like her predecessors, she arrives confident that she will last the three hours without wetting herself and claim the $1,000 fee the agency charges when their employee is successful. The rules have changed a little: instead of the client being able to ask the desperate lady to drink unlimited amounts of water, he can only ask her to drink two bottles in the first hour and one in each of the subsequent 2 hours. Sienna's confidence runs away with her and she drinks all four in the first 30 minutes. The result is some very serious desperation for Miss Aldridge as she becomes increasingly fidgety and distracted by her predicament.

5. The League of Desperate Ladies 9 Remastered
18 minutes 03 seconds - 1472x1080 pixels - MP4: 835.3 MB
Returning to the theme of the league of desperate ladies, Carissa does her best to earn that huge fee by holding her pee for three hours. She starts out confident that she can do it, as many before her did, but it is not long before she is squirming, her legs never still and her expression pained as her desperation to empty her rapidly filling bladder grows worse and worse until she is ready to explode. Her situation is not helped by the fact that her client can tell her to drink more liquid at any time, so she drinks while urgently pee dancing, trying not to wet her white panties. Longer before the three hours have elapsed, Carissa is climbing the wall in sheer desperation. Her body language speaks volumes about how frantic she is, and her bulging abdomen makes it clear that her bladder is approaching maximum capacity. As with all earlier contenders, Carissa cannot hold it and wets herself, forfeiting her fee. Unexpectedly, the client says he will make a partial payment if she will take off all her clothes, so rather than go away empty handed, she agrees. Carissa stands in her rather large puddle of pee while she poses naked.

The League Of Desperate Ladies Remastered Set (MP4) - 1 hour 57 minutes

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