• Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

Candle has been summoned by the Vice Principal (played by Tina Lee) because she has been caught smoking in the lavatory. As Candle sits facing the VP, she fidgets in her chair. The VP asks her to sit still, whereupon Candle admits that she needs to make a visit to the bathroom. She is told that she should have used the bathroom for this purpose earlier instead of "lighting up". The VP fields and makes telephone calls as she considers what punishment to deliver. When Candle continues to fidget and demand that she be allowed to go pee, the VP threatens her with increasingly severe punishments. After Candle insults the woman, the VP comes round to the front of her desk and begins tormenting her recalcitrant student, making the girl suffer by making her think about how nice it would feel to empty her full bladder; what a relief it would be. Candle repeatedly asks to be excused but the VP is adamant, keeping the girl in her office. Finally tired of Candle's attitude, the VP makes her stand up and stand still, with disastrous results. Candle wets herself, creating a huge puddle on the floor. The VP makes the girl mop it up, but in the process Candle slips in her own pee and ends up sitting in it. As they wait for transport to take Candle to the school's detention area, located in another building, the VP goes off to use the bathroom herself (Tina Lee pees on camera), warning a very moist Candle to stay put in her office.

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Student In Need Of A Bathroom Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

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