• Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

Candle brings a whole new dynamic to the permission to pee format. While the rules were explained to her, somewhat, she is playing opposite Tina Lee who is now an old hand at these situations. She has a good laugh when Candle forgets to tell her to drink, for example, while she doesn't for one moment forget to make Candle drink more liquid. A new element in this movie is letting each model torment the other by pouring water into the glass cylinder while the other squats down as she would if she were actually going to pee. The psychological torment is intense. We also included the option of removing an article of clothing if the model doesn't want to drink any more, or in Tina Lee's case simply can't drink any more. Dixie is certainly the more desperate of the two as things progress, and opts for removing clothes instead of drinking. Nevertheless, Candle still makes her drink a little more. As things approach a climax, Tina Lee lapses into her favorite position to maintain control when she is really bursting, while Candle shifts around but appears to still have more control. The girls decide between themselves that the one who loses control first will be buying dinner that evening. Poor Tina Lee is the one who had to dip into her pockets - she literally explodes and the expression on her face just before the event is priceless! This is the cue for Candle to attempt filling the cylinder being used to store the cups of pee. She actually comes fairly close to succeeding - clearly, Candle does have a large bladder as she herself reported in her audition movie, making her a candidate for a future holding content.

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Permission to Pee 8 Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

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