• The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

Candle and Tina Lee arrive for their first desperation shoot together. They were asked (as is customary) to drink plenty on their journey and to turn up as desperate as possible. Exploiting Candle's ignorance of how these things tend to unfold, the girls are kept waiting outside in the cold as a test to see how long they can wait. This is where Candle makes the mistake of admitting that she finds it much harder to hold on when she is sitting, so naturally she is asked to sit down on the top step of the stoop for a while. Tina Lee warns her not to admit to things like that, but it's too late now. Tina Lee says she is an old hand at this and does not need to be tested like this, but she is kept waiting just the same. The girls find standing around with nothing to do to take their minds off their full bladders very difficult to handle, and the talk keeps returning to how desperate they are too pee. Candle is the first to lose control, and this sets Tina Lee off. In the space of a minute, both women are standing together in pee-soaked jeans. By the way, those are Candle's own jeans; she didn't mind peeing in them on the understanding that they would be laundered before the day way over. The girls then peel off their wet jeans and panties before going inside the house. Things are off to a good start!

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The Girls Arrive Remastered (MP4) - Candle Boxxx and Tina Lee Comet

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