• The Naked Realtor Remastered (MP4) - Tabitha

Tabitha reprises her role as the real estate agent. Things are not going so well for her; sales are hard to make, and no sales means no commission. Ironically, Tabitha is doing so badly that she is in danger of losing her own home to foreclosure. She is therefore delighted when a client from several years earlier expresses an interesting in buying a property she has shown him before, which is now back on the market. She assures the client that the property has been fixed up and he will be delighted with it. She herself wants to get there as soon as possible because she needs to pee, and wants to get that out of the way as soon as possible. When they arrive, however, it soon becomes apparent that the property has not been improved at all, and in many ways it is in a worse state than before. The client is ready to pull out, but the desperate realtor will do anything to keep his interest. Realizing that she really is desperate to make a sale, the client says he will reconsider if Tabitha will show him around the property again, but this time naked. Tabitha is mortified by this suggestion and protests vehemently, but when the client threatens to leave without buying, she reluctantly complies with his wishes. By now, her bladder is full and she needs to visit the bathroom, but the client tells her that he wants her to hold it throughout the tour. Tabitha pee dances her way around the house, even climbing the steps to the roof space, her need to pee growing more and more acute. The client takes his time considering the property while Tabitha continues to pee dance and plead for the use of the bathroom. Delayed too long, she finally loses control of her bladder and pee streams down between her legs, much to her embarrassment.

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The Naked Realtor Remastered (MP4) - Tabitha

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