• The Capacities: Volume 3 (MP4) - 75 minutes

Three years have passed since the release of "The Capacities: Volume 2". Each clip in volume 3, featuring 14 different girls, is typically four minutes in length, with some running longer as needed. At times, determining the exact volume of pee is not taken too seriously, and in a few instances where it is clearly nowhere near being a record amount, the volume is not measured at all. In fairness, you should know that six of the clips in this compilation have previously been included in the Chained To The Wood Stove compilations. However, none of them have appeared in previous Capacities compilations.

1. Vonka Romanov: Vonka's Record Breaker
2. Sinthia Bee: Trying To Set A New Record
3. Ten Amorette: Testing Ten 1
4. Jasmine St James: One Hour Wait
5. Jamie Daniels: I Can't Hold It Any Longer
6. Becca & Carissa Montgomery: Holding Contest
7. Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Permission To Pee
8. Monica Jade: Beginning To Panic
9. Sinthia Bee: Stretched To The Limit
10. Ten Amorette: Testing Ten 2
11. Vonka Romanov: What's Next?
12. Vika: Vika's Nude Predicament
13. Violet: No Choice But To Hold It
14. Becca: The Longest Wait
15. Claire Irons: Claire In Trouble
16. Sinthia Bee: Going Nowhere
17. Ten Amorette: Testing Ten 3
18. Vonka Romanov and Syenite: Capacity Challenge

75 minutes 29 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,984.3 MB

The Capacities: Volume 3 (MP4) - 75 minutes

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