• She Ripped Off The Nightclub (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa has stolen money from the nightclub where she worked, and now she is on the run from her ex-boss. She enters the basement of a house and hides in a cupboard for hours, finally giving herself away when the house occupant is passing the door. He makes her come out and explain herself. Carissa tries to do so, but with no access to a bathroom for hours, she has a very full bladder and is desperate to pee. The man refuses to let her go upstairs into the main part of the house, and is very concerned that the nightclub boss will find her in his house. He really doesn't know what to do, so in case he is compromised, he decides to keep Carissa a prisoner until he can get some advice from a friend. He secures Carissa to a pole in the basement and leaves her there, struggling not to piss herself and make a mess on his floor. She does her best to hold it, but she is bursting and eventually loses control. Now she can add embarrassment to her situation.

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She Ripped Off The Nightclub (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery

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