• Emily Remastered: Volume 2 (MP4) - 82 minutes

The 4x3 aspect ratio of the original recordings has been preserved. The remastering process includes the use of AI enhancement software which completely transforms the original 720x480-pixel footage, massively improving the definition and upscaling the videos by 225%. These enhanced sequences are then edited together to create the finished products.

1. Finishing School Remastered
28 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,340.9 MB
Emily is a student at a finishing school for young ladies, where they learn deportment and social graces. Part of the training includes the ability to control oneself when unexpectedly desperate to pee, mindful that the company one is in may not approve of her running off to the bathroom at what may be a crucial moment. Emily is instructed to drink plenty of water until she needs to pee, and is then told to hide her growing desperation as she participates in a conversation with her partner, presumed to be in a social setting. Emily is made to wait for some considerable time and finds herself growing increasingly worried that she will not pass this part of the course if she cannot maintain control. She starts to squirm, crossing her legs and rubbing her thighs, all signs that she is bursting for a pee. Her instructor has noticed her behavior and warns that she needs to maintain control and deportment at all times, but Emily is just too desperate. Her training goes out of the window as she stands up and grabs at the dress, longing to pull it all the way up and tug down her panties, but she can't! Suddenly, she feels herself yield under pressing and pee streams down her legs, right there in front of the instructor. It looks like Emily will not graduate from the program this year.

2. Accidents Will Happen Remastered
18 minutes 02 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 849.0 MB
Emily and her significant other are to attend a charity dinner to which they were invited in thanks for contributions they have made. The bathroom is occupied and Emily would really like to empty her bladder before hitting the road. Alas, they are running late and Emily has no choice but to try holding it until they reach their destination. Growing really desperate during the drive, Emily wants to find somewhere discrete to pull over where she can lift her skirt,  pull down her panties and pantyhose to gain relief, but there just doesn't seem to be anywhere. The conversation between the couple becomes increasingly strained as Emily gets closer and closer to wetting herself, and her patience wears thin. The couple get hopelessly lost, and even end up on a road that comes to an end in the middle of nowhere. Emily turns the car around and starts driving back, but by now she is absolutely bursting and can't hold her pee any longer. She stops the car and climbs out, looking around to make sure she is unobserved. Even this delay is too long and she loses control as she stands there. Pee streams down her legs, covering her shoes and even making her skirt wet. Now she will have to drive in wet clothing until she gets home.

3. Another Secretary in Trouble Remastered
21 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,030.6 MB
Someone has taken over the offices where Emily works. She has been secured to a chair with zipties and duct tape has been used to gag her, making sure she cannot call out for her. It was unfortunate that the thieves broke in when they did, because Emily, who had been holding a full bladder while working, had finally decided to get up and visit the bathroom when they grabbed her and tied her up. Now she is desperate for relief but unable to do anything about it. She can't even unbutton her jeans to ease the pressure on her swollen bladder. She crosses her legs and squirms on her seat, hoping she can hold it until someone finds her, but as time passes and no one comes, Emily finally realizes that she is about to wet herself. She struggles to contain herself, but it's no good, the pressure is too great. Suddenly, pee erupts through her jeans. She scoots her butt to the edge of the chair so that most of it will land on the floor, but even so, her jeans get very wet. Now she will have to sit there in wet jeans and panties until someone rescues her, and it might be hours.

4. Stakeout Remastered
14 minutes 27 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 679.9 MB
Emily is on a stakeout and should not leave her post until a replacement arrives to take over from her. She informs the boss that she needs to use the bathroom, but she is told she will have to wait for another hour before the relief shift arrives. Emily worries that she won't be able to wait that long, but she does her best. Part way through the hour, however, it becomes clear to her that she will never make it, and informs the boss that she has to leave to find a bathroom. The boss is not pleased, but Emily is so desperate that she doesn't care. She drives and looks for any place that might offer relief, but she just can't find anywhere. Finally, she has to pull over and jump out. She runs around looking for somewhere discrete to pee, but there just isn't anywhere. It's too late anyway: She starts to wet herself, and in a matter of seconds, pee is soaking through the back of her jeans. There's no point in fighting it any longer, and Emily just stands there until her bladder is empty. Her jeans are soaked, and she will have to sit in them as she drives home, but it's better than trying to drive any further with a bursting bladder.

Emily Remastered: Volume 2 (MP4) - 82 minutes

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