• Finishing School Remastered (MP4) - Emily

Emily is a student at a finishing school for young ladies, where they learn deportment and social graces. Part of the training includes the ability to control oneself when unexpectedly desperate to pee, mindful that the company one is in may not approve of her running off to the bathroom at what may be a crucial moment. Emily is instructed to drink plenty of water until she needs to pee, and is then told to hide her growing desperation as she participates in a conversation with her partner, presumed to be in a social setting. Emily is made to wait for some considerable time and finds herself growing increasingly worried that she will not pass this part of the course if she cannot maintain control. She starts to squirm, crossing her legs and rubbing her thighs, all signs that she is bursting for a pee. Her instructor has noticed her behavior and warns that she needs to maintain control and deportment at all times, but Emily is just too desperate. Her training goes out of the window as she stands up and grabs at the dress, longing to pull it all the way up and tug down her panties, but she can't! Suddenly, she feels herself yield under pressing and pee streams down her legs, right there in front of the instructor. It looks like Emily will not graduate from the program this year.

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Finishing School Remastered (MP4) - Emily

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