• Stakeout Remastered (MP4) - Emily

Emily is on a stakeout and should not leave her post until a replacement arrives to take over from her. She informs the boss that she needs to use the bathroom, but she is told she will have to wait for another hour before the relief shift arrives. Emily worries that she won't be able to wait that long, but she does her best. Part way through the hour, however, it becomes clear to her that she will never make it, and informs the boss that she has to leave to find a bathroom. The boss is not pleased, but Emily is so desperate that she doesn't care. She drives and looks for any place that might offer relief, but she just can't find anywhere. Finally, she has to pull over and jump out. She runs around looking for somewhere discrete to pee, but there just isn't anywhere. It's too late anyway: She starts to wet herself, and in a matter of seconds, pee is soaking through the back of her jeans. There's no point in fighting it any longer, and Emily just stands there until her bladder is empty. Her jeans are soaked, and she will have to sit in them as she drives home, but it's better than trying to drive any further with a bursting bladder.

14 minutes 27 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 679.9 MB

Stakeout Remastered (MP4) - Emily

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