• Accidents Will Happen Remastered (MP4) - Emily

Emily and her significant other are to attend a charity dinner to which they were invited in thanks for contributions they have made. The bathroom is occupied and Emily would really like to empty her bladder before hitting the road. Alas, they are running late and Emily has no choice but to try holding it until they reach their destination. Growing really desperate during the drive, Emily wants to find somewhere discrete to pull over where she can lift her skirt,  pull down her panties and pantyhose to gain relief, but there just doesn't seem to be anywhere. The conversation between the couple becomes increasingly strained as Emily gets closer and closer to wetting herself, and her patience wears thin. The couple get hopelessly lost, and even end up on a road that comes to an end in the middle of nowhere. Emily turns the car around and starts driving back, but by now she is absolutely bursting and can't hold her pee any longer. She stops the car and climbs out, looking around to make sure she is unobserved. Even this delay is too long and she loses control as she stands there. Pee streams down her legs, covering her shoes and even making her skirt wet. Now she will have to drive in wet clothing until she gets home.

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Accidents Will Happen Remastered (MP4) - Emily

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