• Another Secretary in Trouble Remastered (MP4) - Emily

Someone has taken over the offices where Emily works. She has been secured to a chair with zipties and duct tape has been used to gag her, making sure she cannot call out for her. It was unfortunate that the thieves broke in when they did, because Emily, who had been holding a full bladder while working, had finally decided to get up and visit the bathroom when they grabbed her and tied her up. Now she is desperate for relief but unable to do anything about it. She can't even unbutton her jeans to ease the pressure on her swollen bladder. She crosses her legs and squirms on her seat, hoping she can hold it until someone finds her, but as time passes and no one comes, Emily finally realizes that she is about to wet herself. She struggles to contain herself, but it's no good, the pressure is too great. Suddenly, pee erupts through her jeans. She scoots her butt to the edge of the chair so that most of it will land on the floor, but even so, her jeans get very wet. Now she will have to sit there in wet jeans and panties until someone rescues her, and it might be hours.

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Another Secretary in Trouble Remastered (MP4) - Emily

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