• Just Made It 20 (MP4) - 72 minutes

The twentieth collection of Bound2Burst clips where the girls just make it to the bathroom or have to pee outside. Each excerpt is approximately 5 minutes in length. The sequences in this compilation derive from the following movies:

Becca: The Bulge
Sinthia Bee: Trying To Set A New Record
Cadence Lux: The Transaction
Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov: The Intern
Claire Irons: I'm Not Going To Make It
Monica Jade: Exercising Self-Control
Cadence Lux: The Price Of Failure
Vonka Romanov: I Have To Break Free
Becca: One On One With Becca
Sinthia Bee: Going Nowhere
Cadence Lux & Juliette March: Cadence And Juliette Being Themselves
Jasmine St James & Cadence Lux: Rivals
Claire Irons: Claire In Trouble
Jasmine St James: Reward (from The Quiz)

72 minutes 20 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 3,391.6 MB

Just Made It 20 (MP4) - 72 minutes

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