• Don't Turn Me In (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica is arriving home desperate to pee, when she encounters a colleague from work waiting for her. He tells her he is aware of the fact that she has been embezzling funds from the company and he has come to offer her a choice, either do what he tells her or he will report her to the boss, who will surely bring in the police. Monica says they can talk about it, but first she needs to pee. Her colleague tells her that he wants her to hold it. Monica objects, pointing out that she is really desperate. The colleague admits that he is fine with that, and adds that he will call the boss right away if Monica uses the bathroom. Faced with no option other than to hold it, Monica struggles not to lose control of her bladder until she can't wait any longer. She then experiences the humiliation of wetting herself and soaking her jeans in front of her colleague.

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Don't Turn Me In (MP4) - Monica Jade

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