• Holding Contest: Becca and Carissa (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery and Becca

Two women with evenly-matched bladders. The both empty out at the start, following which, Becca and Carissa drink exactly the same amount of liquid on screen, eight fluid ounces every fifteen minutes or so, until they have taken in 48 fluid ounces. While this is going on, the girls were posed some thirty questions submitted by some of you, revealing differences in how they each deal with being desperate to pee. The full version of the contest is unedited so the journey to full bladders takes place in real time. At intervals, the growth of bladder bulges is recorded; the change in abdominal size is especially pronounced for Becca. About two thirds of the way through the contest, the girls removed their dresses and continue wearing only their panties. By now, the urge to pee is powerful and various holding techniques are employed to delay the inevitable, revealing their different responses to dealing with this situation. As the contest nears its conclusion, both Becca and Carissa remove their panties and pee completely naked. Remember, the point of the contest is to see who can pee the most rather than who can wait the longest, so when one of them gives in and releases, the contest is still not over. My thanks to all those who contributed to this contest to help make it happen, and to the gentleman who provided a prize of $500 for the winner. As to who wins that wonderful prize, that's for you to find out!

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Holding Contest: Becca and Carissa (MP4) - Carissa Montgomery and Becca

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