• Vonka & Angelica Holding Contest (MP4) - Vonka Romanov & Angelica Vee

A little more at ease now, Angelica goes up again the seasoned Vonka in a holding contest, knowing full well that it is fated to end badly for her. Loaded with liquids, the girls struggle to wait as long as they can, tormenting one another along the way and recounting a few stories of desperate situations they have found themselves in. Vonka's story describes a test she needed to have that required her to give a urine sample, so she went in with a full bladder. Anyone who knows her would realize what a dangerous condition that is, should she lose control in the waiting room. In fact, she almost did and had to plead for a cup to pee in before her appointment. All this talk about peeing does not help the current situation, and both girls are suffering now. When one of them loses it, the other does too, and a little towel throwing was necessary to stop the flood spreading too far afield.

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Vonka & Angelica Holding Contest (MP4) - Vonka Romanov & Angelica Vee

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