• Sama Remastered: Set 2 (MP4) - 98 minutes

1. Goodnight, Sweet Pee Remastered
22 minutes 29 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,051.8 MB
It's the end of a long day. Same has dined and consumed plenty of tea, wine and water. She now really needs to pee again, but some heartless swine slaps her in handcuffs and makes her wait. It seems there is always one more desperation movie to be made! We examine Sama's tummy bulge where her bladder is clearly very full, and we watch her dancing around as she tries to hold on as long as possible. Needless-to-say, no one is going to release her before she is forced to pee in her jeans. That done, we say we're going to leave her out on the deck to dry off, wishing her a goodnight as we close the door. Of course, we do let her back in despite her pee-soaked jeans. However, finding the key to the handcuffs is quite another matter. For a minute near the end, I think Sama was starting to believe the key really had been lost.

2. Captive Escort Remastered
18 minutes 44 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 876.7 MB
The premise of this movie is that Sama is an escort for the evening to the unseen guy, going out for dinner and then home for a few drinks. When she wakes the next morning, she finds herself bound and gagged and holding a full bladder. Sama writhes and mmmppphhhs through her gag to attract attention, but when the guy arrives and she demands to know what the hell her thinks he is doing with her, he does not feel inclined to help her to the bathroom. He says he is off to have some breakfast and will come back to attend to her needs afterwards. Not one to wait around, Sama gets herself into a standing position and hops around looking for a bathroom. When she finds one, she struggles to open the lid and lift her dress. She gains relief, but things don't go quite as planned. The conclusion of this movie shows Sama sitting on the toilet, still gagged, laughing to herself. It seems that her panties are resistant to pee and they won't let most of it through, so she is sitting in pee-filled panties, unable to do too much about it while the camera is still running. Ungagged at last, she holds a conversation with a rather well-known actor who used to play the least secret of all secret agents, James Bond... or at least the first actor to play him. See if you are convinced by the impersonation, if indeed it is an impersonation? We did try to discretely add a pair of scissors to the scene so that Sama could cut the plastic tie from her wrists. Unfortunately, the lack of continuity shows. It would not have helped anyway since, as it turned out, Sama could not cut through the tie, and tossed the scissors down in disgust.

Behind the scenes: 2 minutes

3. The Waiting Game Remastered
12 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 563.0 MB
It is morning, the last day of the shoot and Sama's last move with us. She has rolled out of bed, applied her makeup without showering and dressed herself in sexy lingerie ready for filming. Oh, and she didn't use the bathroom beforehand. Nor did she drink anything. She needed to go pretty badly. As we join Sama, she is sitting in a rocking chair, looking pensive as she chats to the camera. After a minute, she says she is hot (it was over eighty degrees Fahrenheit, or 27 Celcius, outside) and peels off her clothes, then paces up and down wearing only bra, panties, garter belt and stockings, and of course some heels. As the moment of control loss approaches, Sama handcuffs herself to the rocking chair just to make sure she isn't going anywhere... except on the floor, so to speak. She shows off her somewhat yellow panties at the end.

4. Hitchhiker 2 Remastered
15 minutes 42 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 738.3 MB
This theme was explored with a very early model named Alex, who didn't do anywhere near as good a job as Sama at playing the victim. As with everything, Sama brought a lot of energy to her part.

Original description: Sama is thumbing a ride, gets picked up, is then taken captive and is tied up on the back seat of the car. She needs to pee but now she is restrained she can't go without wetting her jeans, so she holds it. Ostensibly left alone, Sama manages to open the car door with her feet, slide out and hop away from the vehicle, demonstrating her amazing sense of balance. To prevent her escape, her captor duct tapes her to a tree, running the tape across her exposed stomach and hence applying additional pressure to her full bladder. There is an out-take here where the man catches Sama hopping away up a steep bank like a jack-rabbit and tries to pick her up in a fireman's lift to carry her back to the car... with disastrous results. He must be getting too old for this stuff! The rest of the behind the scenes material shows Sama chatting and joking, doing a little more hopping, and finally untying her own feet before waddling back to the house in her wet jeans.

Behind the scenes: 6 minutes

5. Can't Get In Remastered
7 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 333.7 MB
Filmed when it was pretty much dark out, I'm surprised the quality is as good as it is. Those old cameras were able to handle very low light levels.
Original description: Sama arrives home late from work, only to discover that she has left her house keys at the office. She calls a colleague and asks him to bring them to her, urging him to hurry because she badly needs to get inside to use the bathroom. Will he arrive in time to help her? We filmed this short movie about 10:30 at night, so the amount of illumination is limited. Nevertheless, you can see the wetness traveling down the leg of Sama's jeans clearly enough. The scenario was her own idea, as was all the dialogue. I didn't even know what she was planning to do for certain.

6. The Survey Remastered
22 minutes 41 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,070.1 MB
Sama plays the role of Paula, a representative from a company called Tropical Travel. She is out promoting the company and taking a survey to find out what potential customers want from a holiday, offering a special travel deal to Hawaii for those who participate. It seems almost too good to be true, and the guy is understandable skeptical. Paula is fidgeting as she tells him all the details and answers his questions, and finally asks for the use of the guy's bathroom. He tells her yes, but then discovers that he has locked himself out of the house. He explains that his wife will be back from shopping soon, and that Paula can relieve herself then. In the meantime, he suggests they continue with the survey. Paula does her best to go on with her presentation, but she is now so distracted that her sentences are becoming disjointed. At last, she declares that she can't wait any longer and hurries off into the woods. We watch her lift her skirt, tug down her pantyhose and go through her panties, afraid to pull these down too in case the guy is watching. As if he would!

Sama Remastered: Set 2 (MP4) - 98 minutes

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