• Sama Remastered: Set 1 (MP4) - 155 minutes

1. Fashion Show 1 Remastered
41 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,940.7 MB
Ever wondered what it would be like to watch a fashion show where the model needs to pee? Since this was Sama's first shoot with us, we brought her in with her bladder already uncomfortably full, then asked her to try on all the different outfits she would be wearing during filming. This takes about half an hour, during which time her desperation grows more acute. Before starting the first storyline movie, Sama is asked to put on some jeans and take a walk around, ostensibly to make sure she is sufficiently frantic for relief when filming proper begins. Of course, the poor girl is already bursting, but she valiantly tries to hold on. I have no idea how it happened, but it seems that we made her wait too long!

2. Waiting In White Remastered
12 minutes 47 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 600.7 MB
Wearing a white dress, Sama tells us how badly she needs to pee, shows us the panties she peed in earlier, walks around the garden and plays with the hose pipe, and finally sets on a garden swing chair where she its and pees in her red panties. The camera watches this event in close-up, and it is clear that Sama has been holding a vast amount of pee - the stream goes on and on.

3. Trapped In An Elevator Remastered
21 minutes 36 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,012.3 MB
This version is around 7 minutes shorter than the original.There were too many shots of Sama's legs, something I was prone to doing back in the day. By tightening up the edit, the story moves forward faster. Sometimes, less is more.
Original description: Sama plays Kate, a hospital clerical assistant who arrives back from lunch with an uncomfortably full bladder, and ends up getting stuck in a stalled elevator with a male stranger. A call for assistance yields the news that there are also systems problems in other areas of the hospital, and that the maintenance crew will not arrive for about an hour. Kate realizes she is now in trouble, because she is desperate for relief and knows she will not be able to hold on for that long. The man with her in the elevator, Ken, chats to her as she paces and looks increasingly distressed. He also has a bottle of orange juice and coffee mug with him, and decides to have a drink. He offers Kate some juice, but she declines. The sound of Ken pouring liquid into the cup makes Kate squirm. She makes several more calls to ascertain the progress of the maintenance crew, only to learn that there have been further delays, and that the crew will probably not even be able to get to the stuck elevator for more than an hour. She tells the woman on the other end of the line: "Please, just hurry. It's an emergency." Kate paces back and forth with her arms folded, barely listening to Ken's inane chatter as he repeatedly fills his coffee cup with juice, unwittingly torturing the poor desperate girl. At last, Kate is so desperate that she has to admit to her predicament. She says to Ken: "If I have to hold it any longer, I'll explode!" When she reaches the end of her tether, Ken offers her a solution. The only question is whether or not she's willing to take it. She does of course, but quite a bit of her pee ends up on the floor anyway.
Behind the scenes: 30 seconds

4. Top Up Remastered
21 minutes 27 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,008.3 MB
The is a sequel to Trapped in an Elevator, and it is nearly all behind the scenes material, with the story itself lasting only five minutes. Sama reprises her role as Kate who, having just arrived home from work and in a hurry for the bathroom, finds Ken (the man from the elevator) waiting outside her house. Ken delays her and asks if she will top up the pee in the orange juice bottle that she used to relieve herself in the elevator. This was meant to be a fun little sequence, but it actually comes across as a bit sinister. Nothing nasty happens, but the suggestion of stalking is there. This undesired side-effect is largely negated by the 16-minute-long prologue where Sama is collected from her hotel while bursting to pee (she couldn't even shower for fear of losing control), and she is seen drinking various liquids as she lets us watch her change into her Kate outfit.
Behind the scenes: 16 minutes

5. The Lost Secretary Remastered
22 minutes 21 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,048.7 MB
Another video that benefitted from a tighter edit. A lot of the driving scenes were removed since this is a very familiar backdrop, and the video focuses more on Sama's attempts to find a house where someone would let her in to use the bathroom. Same was without fear and quite happily marched up to several properties and knocked on the door. I believe she had some patter ready in case anyone actually answered, but as it turned out, her attempts went unheeded, which is exactly what we wanted for the story.
Original description: A secretary is sent on an errand to deliver an important package. The delivery has to be made within an hour and so Sama is hurried out of the office by her boss, even though she needs to pee. Out on the road, her desperation mounts as she realizes she has taken a wrong turn. She calls her boss, only to discover that her destination was only a short distance from the office. Sama turns around and manages to get lost. Desperate for relief now, she stops and knocks on the doors of three different houses, hoping to be able to ask for the use of a bathroom before it is too late. Unfortunately, no one answers any of them. Bursting now, Sama resumes driving and looks for somewhere quiet to relieve herself. She can't find a place to pull off on the verge, she resorts to driving along a quieter road. Unable to wait any longer, she hops out and squats beside the door, peeing through her panties in the middle of the road. This movie contains a five-minute preparation scene where Sama is struggling to attached her garter belt to her stockings. During the story, there is also a short intermission where she chats to the camera about how hot it is and how badly she needs to pee. After relieving herself, she drives with her skirt hiked up so that anyone looking in could see her stockings and suspenders. That's Sama!
Behind the scenes: 10 minutes

6. What Are Friends For Remastered
15 minutes 41 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 738.1 MB
It's a nice afternoon and Sama decides to walk home from work in her white summer dress and white heels. Alas, she miscalculates, and even before she is halfway through her forty-minute walk, she is feeling the discomfort of a very full bladder. All she can do is keep walking since the area is residential and there are no public lavatories anywhere. At one point, she goes to check a bus schedule to see if there is any chance of being able to ride the rest of the way home, because she is now too desperate to make it in time. With no buses due for another twenty minutes, she simply cannot stand there and wait, so she walks on, holding the hem of her dress and if she would like nothing more than to lift it, pull down her panties and relieve herself before she is forced to wet herself. Then her luck changes. George, a good friend, recognizes her as he is driving past and stops to offer her a lift. She gratefully accepts, saying to George before she gets into his car, "You're a life saver. I'm about to piss my pants." George cautions her that she had better not do so in his car. Not concentrating on the road, George misses the turning to Sama's house and is forced to follow a long, circuitious route (owing to one-way streets) in order to double back to where she lives. The delay is driving Sama crazy with desperation, and with a bladder ready to explode, she finally turns to her savior and says apologetically, "I'm sorry about your car, George." She turns, kneels, and to George's dismay releases a long stream all over his car seat. George sighs in resignation, but he is not angry. After all, what are friends for?

7. Fashion Show 2 Remastered
20 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 942.5 MB
Sama welcomes us to this set of movies with another fashion show, with greetings in five languages. The format is as before, where she tries on different outfits, and then wets herself in a pair of blue jeans. This set features a lot of lingerie too. There's no doubt that Same was a witty girl and she brought some unusual little twists to her performances.

Sama Remastered: Set 1 (MP4) - 155 minutes

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