• One Last Walkthrough (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine is a real estate agent who has been showing a couple around a house with a view to purchasing. At the end of the tour, they decide they would like to look around again on their own to avoid feeling pressured. Jasmine agrees and waits for them in the basement. She's dying to pee but feels she can't use the lavatory in front of them, it just isn't professional. She tries to distract herself by reading her notes and checking her phone, but her bladder is so full she can barely stand still. As the minutes pass, she begins to seriously worry that she might wet herself if she can't get to the bathroom soon, and even contemplates breaking her cardinal rule, but she manages to control herself. The couple are taking their time, and she is absolutely bursting. How much longer are they going to be? Jasmine is mortified when she leaks a little through her panties. She quickly wipes the little streams of pee from her legs and tries to compose herself again. It's no good; she can't hold it any longer. She feels warm pee streaming through her underwear and down her legs, splattering onto the floor at her feet. She has barely finished going when, to her surprise, the basement door opens and the man comes in to say they are going to look around the grounds now. He sees the puddle, and Jasmine quickly explains that she has discovered a leak coming through the ceiling, and will definitely have it attended to. The man seems satisfied with her explanation and departs, leaving Jasmine utterly mortified. (The last 5 minutes of the video is all behind the scenes material).

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One Last Walkthrough (MP4) - Jasmine St James

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