• Exercising Self-Control (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica has an appointment with a Mr. North, but she is early and is shown into a room where she can wait until he is available. Soon after being left alone, Monica realizes she should have asked for the bathroom. She is not too worried, she can exercise some self-control until the man returns. Except, she really does need to go quite badly. She finds a chair and sits down, crossing her legs. She concentrates on controlling her bladder, shifting her legs and clenching her thighs together, trying to hold on. She becomes desperate to pee and begins to feel anxious that she might have an accident before anyone comes back to attend to her. Should she go looking for a bathroom? She decides to tough it out and make herself keep waiting. She is starting to seriously worry about wetting herself when the man who first greeted her returns to apologize for the delay. This time, she makes sure to ask for access to a bathroom. Shown the way, as soon as the bathroom door is closed, Monica frantically drags the hem of her skirt up her thighs and tugs down her hose and panties, dropping onto the toilet just in time. Immense relief floods her body as she finally lets it all go.

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Exercising Self-Control (MP4) - Monica Jade

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