• Waiting For a Pick Up (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica and her friend Dave have been out for a walk in the forest, so beautiful under freshly fallen snow. After an hour or so, they arrive back at the rendezvous point where a friend is meant to pick them up and take them home, except he has not turned up yet, and Monica needs to pee rather badly. She had considered hiding behind a tree and squatting down in the forest, but she felt too embarrassed to do this in front of Dave and decided to hold it until she arrived home. That might have worked had not their transport been late. No she is standing in front of Dave with nowhere to hide and she is bursting! She tries to hold on without looking as if she is desperate to pee, but the cold is not helping at all. Monica starts to panic a little as she feels herself losing control. Then, suddenly, pee is streaming down her legs and turning her jeans from a light to a very dark blue. There's no hiding that! Rather than stand there in her wet jeans and get even colder, she decides to start walking and Dave follows her.

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Waiting For a Pick Up (MP4) - Monica Jade

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