• It's Trying To Come Out (MP4) - Monica Jade

Monica arrived after a three hour drive and she needed to pee. She decided not to run to the bathroom but ask if she could go. She looked pained but hardly surprised when she was told no. Instead, we got Monica to put on a pair of tight jeans (always useful for applying a little extra pressure to the abdomen in times of need) and asked her to drink some water while she held her pee. Monica was asked not to act at all but just let her body react naturally to her urgent desire for a piss, and so one can see the level of squirming and wiggling increase as her desperation escalates. Urgently needing to relieve herself, Monica is asked to sweep the basement floor, which she manages to do for a few minutes before sitting down to regain control of herself. She talks briefly about an occasion when she almost wet herself in her car, but that really isn't helping her situation. She quickly stands up and walks back outside where she is encouraged to drink more. Now she is really close to bursting and can't stand still. She informs us that things are really bad and that her pee is trying to come out She struggles hard to continuing holding her bladder, but she is clearly reaching her limit. Finally, with a physical shudder, she stands to piss her jeans. There's no stopping it now. She walks back indoors in her soaking wet jeans and peels them off, along with her panties (her own - she forgot to take them off earlier) and places them in the washing machine.

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It's Trying To Come Out (MP4) - Monica Jade

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