• Beverly Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

1. Bursting on the Interstate Remastered (10 minutes 20 seconds)
Filmed in chronological sequence, the movie opens with Beverly mentioning that she doesn't know if she can wait long enough to get to the road we were aiming for, a real Interstate where she would have to drive 20 or 30 miles between exits (which is what we did to the first Amber in "Traffic Jam"). We decide not to go as far as the real thing. Only a few minutes into the scenario, Beverly breaks character because she is dying to pee and can barely hold it. I encourage her to wait but she just can't. She had to have been extraordinarily desperate because she could normally never pee in front of me. So, she pissed on the car seat, and we found a place to turn around and head home. We picked up the scenario a little on the way back, but no effort has been made to turn this into a consistent story. It's far more interesting to show events as they unfolded.

This re-edited version is a few minutes shorter than the original. I'm not sure what I removed, but it won't have been anything substantial.

Remastered from the original 2007 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 487.2 MB

2. Urology Lecture Remastered (25 minutes 07 seconds )

Dr. Bacci is scheduled to give a webcast lecture on urology to a number of colleges, but on her way to the AV Department, her car was broken into and her notes and computer taken. To make her situation even worse, she ends up stuck in traffic on her way to the college. She's late and is desperate to pee, but it's just a few minutes before the live transmission of her lecture is scheduled to begin. She doesn't have time to run to the bathroom to empty her full bladder before going on air, so she struggles to control herself during her lecture. Her sentences become increasingly disjointed as she grows increasingly desperate to pee. She tries to keep going and asks the cameraman to pan up to show only her upper half because she knows what is coming. He does nothing of the kind, of course, and films her wetting herself for everyone to see. Beverly did pee a lot during this one, plenty of pee hitting the floor even though some of it had soaked into the back of her skirt. As for poor Beverly herself, this public accident may well have flushed her career down the toilet!

This one is almost the same length as the original, and includes the set up sequence where a camera is mounted on a tripod so that Beverly can be alone when she pees. The second camera footage is missing, no doubt tucked away on a tape with no mention of its presence in the title list. Looking at the original, however, it was not a well-framed sequence and contributed very little to the movie.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 1,181.5 MB

3. Lost & Longing to Pee Remastered (44 minutes 38 seconds)
This one required a fair bit of persuasion before Beverly would agree to do it. As much as she wanted to put on a good show, we had long been aware of her pee shyness, and there was a risk that she would not be able to deliver (in fact, she almost didn't). There were times when I had to hold the camera and turn my head to one side so that I was not watching her. For someone so extroverted, her reticence was really out of character. We drove to a strip mall where I had never been before (we were some distance from home by this time) and Beverly walked around for a while, and actually leaked a little. This might have had something to do with getting her to stand next to an outflow pipe for a minute or two! Then came the real problem. I did actually lose my bearings and didn't know where we were, and anyone who has been a few of Beverly's location movies will know just how frustrated and irritable she becomes under these circumstances. Couple this with a full bladder and the danger of receiving a right hook from her is very real. She was not a patient woman. She did actually start to pee in the car, but nowhere near as much as in "Interstate", so by the time we finally found our way back to the range, she had a fair size wet patch on the seat of her jeans. To really piss her off, so to speak, I delayed unlocking the door of the house, pretending I had left my keys in her car. She pissed herself while I was gone (that's probably what she was waiting for, if truth be told), and after that she calmed down a lot.

This version is about five minutes shorter than the original. I edited out some sequences that contributed nothing to the movie.  

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 2,087.8 MB

4. Hold & Tell 2 Remastered (31 minutes 00 seconds)
Beverly, wearing a slip/nightdress, thigh high stockings and boots (an unusual ensemble to say the least), sits regaling us with stories of times she has found herself (and a friend or two) in dire situations where she needs to pee and had to wait. All while she is talking, she actually needs to pee. Her bladder is pretty full throughout, the extent to which she needed to go evidenced by the amount she released into the graduated jug at the end. Because Beverly could rarely pee in front of anyone, she had to wait for a minute near the end while a camera was set up on a tripod to record her release, a minute of sheer agony as she struggled to control herself. The amount of pee that came out surprised even her. The jug could hold one litre, so clearly Beverly had quite a bladder capacity.

The remastered version is identical in length to the original, so clearly, all the same choices were made during editing.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 1,456.8 MB

5. Telemarketer 2 Remastered (19 minutes 31 seconds)

This is a scenario where Beverly shows her intelligence and ability to improvise well, as she did in "Urology Lecture". She only had a very general plot idea to work with, and came up with all the phone chat herself. It sounds so real. Bear in mind that she is achieving this while sitting there throughout with a full bladder - clearly the case because she pees a lot at the end of the video.

Original description: Beverly works as a telemarketer selling audio books. She is 15 minutes late for work, and her boss threatens her with dismissal unless she can sell 20 packs of books that day. She is also denied a break until she meets her quota because - as he points out - the company is hiring interns who will work for less pay and have a greater incentive to sell. As the hours pass, Beverly's bladder grows fuller and fuller until she is almost bursting, but still she can't take a break to visit the bathroom. After nearly seven hours working straight, she can't hold it any longer and pees her pants, leaving a huge puddle on the floor. This sequence was filmed with two cameras. The positioning of the second camera was not perfect because it was expected that Beverly would pee sitting down, but in fact, she lifted her butt off the chair and partially took herself out of the shot. Camera 1 caught the action from a greater distance and was unaffected. The length is almost identical to the original.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 919.8 MB

6. Trapped In An Elevator 4 Remastered (13 minutes 51 seconds)
Filmed the same month as the nine model shoot where "Line At The Ladies" and "Going Up" were created, using the same elevator set. The set stayed up for about six weeks, and was used multiple times. During the peeing sequence, Beverly (unattended) managed to position herself in such a way that neither of the two cameras had an idea view of the pee stream. I dare say she was hiding her vagina from view, something she never displayed, with the sole exception of a sequence near the end of "Desperation Stories" where she sat on a toilet and showed all. She only did this because she felt so badly about not being able to pee on camera during the scenario - she had a problem peeing in front of me, always worrying that I was "getting off on it". Yes, these problems do occur from time to time.

Original Description: Beverly is returning to work after lunch when the elevator breaks down. She consumed a few glasses of water while dining, and had been looking forward to reaching the ladies on her floor to relieve the pressure on her bladder. Now she will have to hold it under the watchful eye of a security camera. She tries not to look to frantic, but as the minutes pass and her desperation increases to critical levels, she can't help holding herself, crossing her legs, pacing back and forth and squatting down, all the while gasping and moaning with the strain of trying to wait a little longer, and then a little longer. Help doesn't come and Bev uses the phone to make some irate protests to security. She's bursting, about to wet herself, and no one seems to be doing anything. The tension builds in her face and is reinforced by her body language. She just can't hold it any longer. Despite being watched, she has to pee or her bladder will explode. She throws her scarf over the security camera, unbuttons her jeans, pulls them and her panties down and releases a long, powerful jet of pee all over the floor. Part way through this, the scarf slips off the security camera and the men in security can now see her. She covers her face in embarrassment, and when she is finally freed from the elevator, she hurries off with a hasty excuse about being late for work.

This version is about 1.5 minutes shorter than the original. Editing choices made today clearly don't match those made all those years ago.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 651.3 MB

7. The Interpreter Remastered (15 minutes 53 seconds)
Once again, Beverly had to be left alone during the final minutes of this movie so that she could pee. That's why the framing is not perfect, but it does capture the peeing event because Beverly had the sense to realize the camera would see nothing unless she re-positioned herself. Beverly badly needed to pee throughout filming, and while she was reading lines for her translation, her ability to make sense of them degenerated as she approached her limit of endurance.

The scenario: Beverly is an interpreter at an international conference. Stuck in her booth and translating what the speakers are saying in real time, she cannot take a break to visit the ladies room. Forced to carry on working with a full bladder, the quality of her translation deteriorates as her desperation to pee grows steadily more serious. She finally wets herself in her booth but still she cannot leave to clean herself up. How utterly embarrassing.

This idea was re-worked years later in a more comprehensive way by Vika in "The Translator". This re-edited version is about two minutes shorter than the original; some of the leg sequences were removed because there were just so many of them! I really was into filming legs back then.

Remastered from the original 2008 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 744.5 MB

8. Bonus: The Mistress Remastered (17 minutes 06 seconds)
As you may have guessed, the sequences with Beverly and Madison were filmed separately, about a week apart. The original release, at 12 minutes 08 seconds, was tightly edited with the time line of events in mind, but in this version the pace is more leisurely, allowing plenty of time to watch Beverly squirming in desperation. Bev never liked needing to pee badly, so it was quite hard to keep her waiting long enough. She also managed to pee into a plastic jug, a first for her I believe. Madison came across as crabby (which she so often was in real life), and it served this scenario well. This version ends where Madison and her husband are having a fight and she gets knocked to the floor. Re-edited scenes from The Mistress were used in the bondage video "Unexpected Homecoming" where, after the fight, Madison finds herself bound and gagged on the floor, with her husband planning to dispose of her permanently so that he can be with his mistress going forward.

Original description: Beverly and her lover have spent the night together at his house while his wife Madison is away on a business trip. Beverly is just about to get up and use the bathroom when the front door opens and Madison's voice calls out that she is home early. In a panic, Beverly hides in the wardrobe, dying to pee and unable to get to the bathroom. To make matters worse, she left her clothes in the bathroom after showering the previous evening. Madison enters the bedroom and tells her husband he will be late for work, then turns towards the bathroom. The husband jumps out of bed and says he need to use the bathroom first since he is already late. Madison reluctantly concedes. What follows are sequences where Madison is in the kitchen holding it and Beverly is in the wardrobe in her underwear holding it. The husband has to do some creative juggling to keep the women apart, and also prevent either one of them having a wetting accident. Ultimately, Madison does manage to get into the bathroom in time while the trapped Beverly is forced to empty her bladder into a jug in the bedroom. Beverly finally makes her escape, but not quite fast enough to avoid being seen by Madison as she emerges from the bathroom.

Remastered from the original 2010 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3. MP4: 796.5 MB

Beverly Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

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