• Hold & Tell 2 Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

Beverly, wearing a slip/nightdress, thigh high stockings and boots (an unusual ensemble to say the least), sits regaling us with stories of times she has found herself (and a friend or two) in dire situations where she needs to pee and had to wait. All while she is talking, she actually needs to pee. Her bladder is pretty full throughout, the extent to which she needed to go evidenced by the amount she released into the graduated jug at the end. Because Beverly could rarely pee in front of anyone, she had to wait for a minute near the end while a camera was set up on a tripod to record her release, a minute of sheer agony as she struggled to control herself. The amount of pee that came out surprised even her. The jug could hold one litre, so clearly Beverly had quite a bladder capacity.

The remastered version is identical in length to the original, so clearly, all the same choices were made during editing.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3.

31 minutes 00 seconds - MP4: 1,456.8 MB

Hold & Tell 2 Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

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