• Urology Lecture Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

Dr. Bacci is scheduled to give a webcast lecture on urology to a number of colleges, but on her way to the AV Department, her car was broken into and her notes and computer taken. To make her situation even worse, she ends up stuck in traffic on her way to the college. She's late and is desperate to pee, but it's just a few minutes before the live transmission of her lecture is scheduled to begin. She doesn't have time to run to the bathroom to empty her full bladder before going on air, so she struggles to control herself during her lecture. Her sentences become increasingly disjointed as she grows increasingly desperate to pee. She tries to keep going and asks the cameraman to pan up to show only her upper half because she knows what is coming. He does nothing of the kind, of course, and films her wetting herself for everyone to see. Beverly did pee a lot during this one, plenty of pee hitting the floor even though some of it had soaked into the back of her skirt. As for poor Beverly herself, this public accident may well have flushed her career down the toilet!

This one is almost the same length as the original, and includes the set up sequence where a camera is mounted on a tripod so that Beverly can be alone when she pees. The second camera footage is missing, no doubt tucked away on a tape with no mention of its presence in the title list. Looking at the original, however, it was not a well-framed sequence and contributed very little to the movie.

Remastered from the original 2009 recording. Upscaled to 1920x1080 pixels, although the picture aspect ratio remains 4x3.

25 minutes 07 seconds - MP4: 1,181.5 MB

Urology Lecture Remastered (MP4) - Beverly Bacci

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