• Just Jeans 08 (MP4)

Dimensions: 960x640 pixels (actual picture ratio is 4x3). Upscaled from 640x480 pixels, deinterlaced, color corrected and sound enhanced. Recorded during the period October - November 2008. This compilation includes 16 wetting sequences by 10 different girls.

    Jayne: Late For Enrollment
    Madison & Maria: M & M
    Jynx & Cyndie: Holding Contest 5
    Jayne: Driving Lesson
    Sienna: Walking & Waiting
    Debbie D: The Protester
    Tabitha & Sienna: Under Arrest
    Sienna: Meet Me On the Corner
    Casey: The Surveyor
    Maria: Sidewalk Cafe
    Jayne: Spreadeagled
    Danielle: Don't Let Go
    Tabitha & Sienna: Desperate For Work

52 minutes 23 seconds - 960x640 pixels - MP4: 2,039.8 MB

Just Jeans 08 (MP4)

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