• Locked In Her Bedroom Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

Jayne is getting ready for work, applying makeup with her back to the door. She does not see one of her house mates close it, and is only aware that something is going on by the time he is locking the door from the outside, over-riding the lock release inside with a special key. Jayne tries the door and finds herself locked in, and starts calling for one of her house mates to let her out; not only will she be late for work, but she also needs to pee. She calls from the window for help, but without response. Feeling urgent twinges in her bladder now, Jayne begins to pace and wiggle her legs. Now that she can't get to the bathroom, her need to pee is escalating, and in a few more minutes, she feels like she is going to explode. Her pee dancing grows more urgent as her desire for relieve grows stronger. The house is now quiet - has everyone gone to work and left her locked in her own bedroom? If so, what is she going to do? She's bursting and will be forced to urinate soon. When all hope seems to be exhausted, Jayne realizes she could use a vase which displays dried roses. She removes the roses but still hesitates, almost unwilling to let go inside her room. She simply has no choice: Jayne places the vase on the floor, lifts her skirt, and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. Bright yellow pee squirts into the vase, very concentrated. The quantity she releases does not seem to justify the urgency she had been feeling, but her relief is very real just the same. She throws the pee out of the window and sits on her bed, wondering what to do next.

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Locked In Her Bedroom Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

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