• Latex At Sunset Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

For this shoot, we purchased Jayne a latex skirt which she adored (she was allowed to keep it). She wanted to show it off, but it took a little persuasion to convince her that it would not come to harm if she peed in it. After posing for a large number of photographs, we finally move out out onto the deck in the evening sunshine, chatting and laughing as Jayne drinks more liquid and starts to squirm. She is amazingly cheerful despite having a very full bladder by this time. Even the camera gets in on the act by pressing on Jayne's bladder, increasing her desperation. Jayne wiggles around and gasps with the effort of holding it, but it's such a lovely evening, we are in now hurry to bring there session to an end. After a while longer, the pressure is becoming acute and Jayne has to pace around and wiggle her legs to control herself. Even seated with her legs crossed, she reaches a point where she can't hold it any longer and er muscles give way. The camera captures the stream from afar so that all of Jayne can be seen as she is peeing, and then in close up. The stream went on for so long we were able to film from a number of different distances. That's our Jayne!

22 minutes 58 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels (picture aspect ratio is 4x3) - MP4: 1,081.2 MB

Latex At Sunset Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

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