• Keri's Holding Contests (MP4) - Keri Spectrum, Jamie Daniels, Autumn Bodell and Alexis

1. Keri & Jamie Holding Contest enhanced
32 minutes 17 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,513.9 MB
Keri challenges newcomer Jamie to try to outlast her in a game of holding pee. The problem for Jamie is that she is not used to doing something like this and finds it very hard to judge how long she can wait. Jamie also started out rather desperate to pee and contemplated using the toilet beforehand, but we managed to talk her out of it. At first, both girls seem to have a reasonable amount of control, but as the minutes pass the pee dancing grows more apparent. Jamie in particular wiggles her legs in a quite unselfconscious manner, much the way a woman might wiggle around while needing to pee in public. Keri has a more overt style of holding on which often involves squatting down and jiggling her body around. The girls continue to sip liquid throughout, something they would rather not do with such full bladders, but ironically needing to pee makes them feel thirsty and they drink almost without thinking. As the waiting time approaches twenty minutes, Jamie is clearly becoming extremely desperate and is finding it hard to wait - her expressions become more intense and strained, and her wiggling reduces as she fights to control herself, concentrating hard on not losing control. The end is clearly nigh for her, and Keri starts to gloat in the certain knowledge that she will win this one and collect the bonus. When Jamie wets herself, pee streaks down her leaks and stains her tan-colored pantyhose, as well as finishing her shoes. As Keri continues to hold it, Jamie begins dancing around in her pee-filled shoes, making sloshing sounds which are not helping Keri at all. With a little encouragement, Jamie brings the proceedings to a close by moving behind Keri and grabbing her hard, making Keri start to go. A strong jet of pee shoots down between Keri's legs as she lets it all go while Jamie moves away to avoid the growing puddle.

2. Keri & Autumn Holding Contest enhanced
30 minutes 16 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,422.5 MB
Keri and Autumn are promised a bonus if they can hold their pee for an hour, but they only get if both of them can wait the full time. At first they seem confident that they can do it, but within ten minutes Keri is clearly in trouble, The urge to pee has come upon her very suddenly and it's bad. The constant intake of fluids has hydrated her to the point where she needs to pee frequently, and all at once holding it for another fifty minutes looks like an impossible challenge. Autumn encourages her to hold on and to try thinking of something else, but Autumn herself is also beginning to squirm; he condition may not be much better than Keri's. In another five minutes both women are gasping and moaning as the cope with rapidly filling bladders. Twenty minutes in and they are both dying to pee and are fast approaching the point where they can barely move. Keri tries both sitting and standing, and even sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, but nothing seems to be helping. They can both feel that bonus slipping away as teach girl gets closer and closer to her bursting point.

3. Keri & Alexis Holding Contest enhanced
28 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,315.9 MB
Before beginning this holding contest, both women had a fair amount to drink and then waited a while. One can tell almost from the start that Keri needs to go far more than Alexis, and it is not long before Keri becomes very quiet and hardly moving as she concentrates hard on not losing control. Unknown to her, Alexis' urge to pee has subsided, which can happen when wiggling around - that is, after all, why one wiggles. She decided not to let Keri know, however, so she kept pacing, but the expression on her face is relaxed. Finally, Keri just can't wait any longer and wets herself. The pee travels all the way across the room to the far corner; she had to have released several pints (let's say a litre). Only now does Alexis admit that she doesn't need to go at the moment. This proves to be a bit of mistake because we decide that Alexis will now have to wait until Keri has cleaned herself up, then Keri will threaten to not give her a ride home if she doesn't hold it for a prescribed length of time. And so Keri heads off to the bathroom and is is gone for almost half an hour, by which time Alexis is knee bending and pacing; she really needs to go! Keri eventually returns and delivers her ultimatum, telling Alexis she needs to wait a further ten minutes. Alexis does her best but now she really needs to release. She paces around and crosses her legs, but she doesn't make it for the full ten minutes before she pees on the floor. Will she get a ride home after all, or not?

Keri's Holding Contests (MP4) - Keri Spectrum, Jamie Daniels, Autumn Bodell and Alexis

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