• Keri and Alexis Holding Contest enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum and Alexis

Before beginning this holding contest, both women had a fair amount to drink and then waited a while. One can tell almost from the start that Keri needs to go far more than Alexis, and it is not long before Keri becomes very quiet and hardly moving as she concentrates hard on not losing control. Unknown to her, Alexis' urge to pee has subsided, which can happen when wiggling around - that is, after all, why one wiggles. She decided not to let Keri know, however, so she kept pacing, but the expression on her face is relaxed. Finally, Keri just can't wait any longer and wets herself. The pee travels all the way across the room to the far corner; she had to have released several pints (let's say a litre). Only now does Alexis admit that she doesn't need to go at the moment. This proves to be a bit of mistake because we decide that Alexis will now have to wait until Keri has cleaned herself up, then Keri will threaten to not give her a ride home if she doesn't hold it for a prescribed length of time. And so Keri heads off to the bathroom and is gone for almost half an hour, by which time Alexis is knee bending and pacing; she really needs to go! Keri eventually returns and delivers her ultimatum, telling Alexis she needs to wait a further ten minutes. Alexis does her best but now she really needs to release. She paces around and crosses her legs, but she doesn't make it for the full ten minutes before she pees on the floor. Will she get a ride home after all, or not?

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Keri and Alexis Holding Contest enhanced (MP4) - Keri Spectrum and Alexis

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