• Fashionably Late (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov

Jasmine are Vonka have been selected to star in a live stream fashion show. They are running late owing to bad weather, and by the time they arrive, they have only two minutes to change before they gave to go on. Both girls are desperate to pee but there is no time to visit the bathroom. They will have to hold it as they parade in their outfits, trying to look elegant and sexy while struggling with a full bladder. Each time one of the girls come off stage, she squirms desperately and talks about quickly running to the bathroom, but the turnaround is so fast there is no hope of making it to the toilet and back in time. They just have to keep holding it. Finally, Vonka reaches the point where she is about to wet herself and rushes off to the bathroom, leaving poor Jasmine on her own. When Jasmine comes off stage to change, she sees that Vonka is gone and panics. The organizer tells her she will have to change very quickly and go straight back on. Jasmine is also bursting at this point, but she has no choice other than to carry on. During her next presentation, she loses control and wets herself on stage. The company hosting the show severs the transmission, but Jasmine is unaware she is no off-air and continues showing off her outfit, her feet squelching in her shoes as she walks. By this time, Vonka has returned and sees what has happened from off-stage. Jasmine is furious at her for abandoning the show and leaving her to suffer the ultimate humiliation.

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Fashionably Late (MP4) - Jasmine St James & Vonka Romanov

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