• The Longest Wait enhanced (MP4) - Becca

It started out as another volume measurement like The Last Possible Moment, but it soon became clear that, as a result of the donations she had received to encourage her to wait, Becca was determined to hold on as long as possible, hoping to beat the record she set in that previous video. This determination led to a much longer video than usual, with her starting off only needing to pee a little, so we get to watch her as she goes from uncomfortable to downright desperate. Becca drinks various liquids as the time passes, making sure her bladder gets really full. She occupies herself by changing from one outfit to another, five changes in all. She makes regular reference to the way her abdominal bulge is slowly growing as her desperation to pee increases. When her need has reached a point of urgency, she locks her ankle on the leather strap, thereby connecting herself to the wood stove and placing the bathroom, and indeed the waiting vase, well out of her reach. Becca has plenty to say about her condition, amused for the most part but determined to keep going even when the pressure gets to be highly uncomfortable. Towards the end, she grows a bit quiet and acknowledges that much of her attention is taken by trying to not pee herself. She comes very close to losing control several times and finally asks for the vase to pee into. Of course, she has to wrestle with her clothing before she can do that.

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The Longest Wait enhanced (MP4) - Becca

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Tags: bound2burst, female desperation, pee, wetting