• Her First Performance Review (MP4: HD and 4K) - Vonka Romanov

Vonka has now been at the Corporation for six months and her first performance review is pending. She receives instructions to go immediately to the waiting area outside of the Director's Office while bringing a long teleconference session to a close. The summons seems imperative and may be bad news, so she does not want to keep Director waiting. She foregoes a visit to the bathroom despite having a full bladder, and hurries to answer the summons, hoping that he is not about to dismiss her. When she arrives, Vonka is asked to wait because the Director has been briefly delayed. She sits down and focuses on maintaining her composure, trying not to panic at her urgent desire to relieve herself. She paces up and down for a minute, then sits again, rubbing her thighs and looking very anxious. Several times, the Director's personal assistant pops in to apologize for the continued delay, and promises that he will arrive momentarily. Reaching the point of extreme desperation, Vonka asks the assistant about her making a visit to the bathroom, but she is discouraged from doing so. Literally a minute later, the Director walks in, shakes Vonka's hand and says he wanted to squeeze in her review today before leaving for a meeting elsewhere. Feeling it might be impolite to sit down again without invitation, she remains standing, seriously struggling with the weight of her bladder and trying desperately not to lose control. Part of the old school, the Director struggles to use his iPad to conduct the review process, even though it's company policy to record everything electronically. While he battles with the necessary authorizations, he informs Vonka that her performance has been outstanding and that she will be receiving a pay rise as promised during the hiring process. Vonka looks happy and anxious at the same time, hoping for this evaluation to be over very quickly, but the Director seems to be having considerable trouble sending the necessary updates to human resources. Unable to wait any longer, Vonka quietly slips off her shoes and wets herself as discretely as possible, hoping the Director will not notice. But of course, he does.

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Her First Performance Review (MP4: HD and 4K) - Vonka Romanov

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