• Star Nine Remastered (MP4) - 2 hours 17 minutes

1. Meet Star Remastered
49 minutes 28 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,289.0 MB
Star's very first video with Bound2Burst, remastered from the original tapes and delivered at 1920x1080 pixels. We watch her as she drinks bottle after bottle of water and changes from outfit to outfit, and her bladder fills until even the act on pulling on a skirt makes her wince. Star talks about various things, including her desire to pee as it increases throughout the movie. Specifically, she regales us with a few tales of real life desperation circumstances in which she has found herself from time to time. Star is not a natural fidget, so when you witness squirming it's because her desperation to pee is becoming critical. Her expressions say much about her discomfort as she approaches the moment when she is forced to wet herself where she stands.

2. Time To Go 12 Remastered
27 minutes 04 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,250.0 MB
Star submitted to the time to go challenge, that being to pee into a small cup which holds only 90 millilitres (three fluid ounces), then cut off the flow and hold it for five minutes before releasing a little more. Star admitted after releasing for the third time that she found it harder to stop each time. For each peeing event, Star unzipped her skirt at the front and pulled down her panties. She discovered that she has a really terrible aim, and each time pee squirted back along the cheeks of her bottom and ran down the back of her skirt, the wetness clearly visible on camera. All in all she probably lost about 300 ml in this way. After the fourth release, Star seemed to be feeling a little better; her releases were just enough to prevent her desperation growing worse, so on the next release she let her remaining pee go into a graduated cylinder to determine how much she was holding. With the estimated spillage, she was probably holding about 900 millilitres. As usual, the releases are filmed at fairly close range and one at very close range.

3. A Long, Long Pee Remastered
6 minutes 31 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 302.4 MB
Prior to filming this one, Star endured working on a long bondage video where she was dying to pee throughout and had to hold it. She was so desperate by the time we finished that this desperation video had to be a lot shorter than planned. A little of her bondage struggles are shown, during which one can clearly see her bulging abdomen where her bladder was obviously full and distended.
Original description: Star arrives at the house absolutely bursting to pee. She can barely hold it in. She tries the front door but it's locked, so she pee dances on the step as she considers what to do next. She hurries around to the back, lifts her skirt and is just about to pull her tights and panties down when she sees her neighbor watching her from his back deck. She grins sheepishly as she stands up and re-adjusts her clothes, waving casually to him and she tries to walk back to the front of the house with dignity. Right on the verge of wetting herself, Star clambers up a bank into the foliage, glances around quickly to make sure she is not being observed, tears down her underwear and releases a jet of pee. She urinates for about a minute and half, the stream slowing to a trickle as she slumps in relief.

4. Humiliated Realtor Remastered
23 minutes 33 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 1,095.9 MB
Star is supposed to be showing a house and her client is waiting, but she is running late because of an earlier client followed by heavy traffic. She arrives at the showing needing to pee, but maintains her composure and she leads the client into the house and begins to show him around. A minute into the tour, however, she decides she would rather not have to do the rest of it with a full bladder. She excuses herself and hurries to the bathroom, only to find a sign on the lid saying "DO NOT USE". She had not been informed of any plumbing work being carried out, and although she urgently needs to pee she resists the urge to go and returns to her client, making no mention of her predicament. As she shows him more rooms and then the basement, her need to pee increases, especially since a washing machine is running through its cycle in the basement and water can be heard trickling. Still, Star tries to keep her composure, discretely wiggling her legs. She hopes the client will be satisfied by what she has shown him, but instead he wants to see more of the grounds. He decides to sit on the garden furniture to soak up the ambience of the property, while Star sits with legs crossed desperately trying to sustain a coherent conversation. Just when she thinks that the tour might be over and the client will leave, allowing her to dash into the woods to pee, the client decides he would like to see the basement again. Star grits her teeth and leads him back there, and then has to stand listening to running water as the client asks more questions. Her attempts not to wiggle her legs too much backfire when she suddenly loses control of her bladder and wets herself in front of him. She ends the tour with profuse apologies, looking embarrassed and clearly anxious to get away.

5. She Had to Pee in Front of the Boss Remastered
18 minutes 02 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 834.3 MB
Star is a financial trader who has been experiencing a few bad weeks. She has lost her company a lot of money and she is desperately trying to redeem herself, working long hours and not even taking time out to run to the bathroom when she needs to pee. After a very busy afternoon trading on the Hong Kong stock market, Star is bursting and must get to the ladies quickly. She is just running from her office when the boss arrives and insists that she sit back down and listen to what he has to say. He has decided to let Star go before she does any further damage to the company. Realizing that her career will be over if she is fired now, she pleads with her boss and tries to outline her new strategies, all the time squirming in discomfort with a very full bladder. She asks if she might just run to the bathroom but her boss is reluctant to let her leave the room. She is surprised and obviously disconcerted when he tells her that he will give her another chance if she stays and holds her pee until seven o'clock, some twenty minutes. Star needs her job as desperately as she needs to pee so she does her best to hold it. As the hands of the clock close in on seven, she begins to feel a sense of panic. She knows she is simply not going to make it and has no choice other than to squat down and pee on the floor. She is humiliated as well as annoyed, but she bites her tongue. She asks if she still has a job, and the boss agrees that she has, with the proviso that they might be doing this again tomorrow evening.

6. Will You Please Remastered
12 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 595.0 MB
Star is driving home from the theatre with her friend Dave, discussing how good the play was and the outstanding ability of the performers. She soon falls quiet and admits that she should have paid a visit to the bathroom before leaving the theatre. Dave asks her if she needs to stop, but she says she will be alright until she reaches home, that is until she loses her way which seriously delays her. Dave asks her if she has ever deliberately wet herself, and after some hesitation she admits that she has. When Dave asks her if she will deliberately wet herself for him, she believes at first that he is trying to humiliate her. He assures her that she is not, but she still seems very uncertain. As the drive continues and Star's desperation grows, Dave works on her, she finally agrees to pee herself in front of the house, on the condition that he will never tell anyone what she did for him. When they finally arrive at her house, Star hurries to the door and is about to run inside to the bathroom when Dave reminds her of her promise. She hesitates, and looking rather embarrassed she wets herself in front of him. Her relief is clearly immense and she pees for a long time before the stream finally stops. She peels off her pantyhose before going inside where she enters the bathroom and removes her clothes. As she steps into the shower, she peeks around the curtain and asks Dave if he would like to join her.

Star Nine Remastered (MP4) - 2 hours 17 minutes

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