• Will You Please Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

Star is driving home from the theatre with her friend Dave, discussing how good the play was and the outstanding ability of the performers. She soon falls quiet and admits that she should have paid a visit to the bathroom before leaving the theatre. Dave asks her if she needs to stop, but she says she will be alright until she reaches home, that is until she loses her way which seriously delays her. Dave asks her if she has ever deliberately wet herself, and after some hesitation she admits that she has. When Dave asks her if she will deliberately wet herself for him, she believes at first that he is trying to humiliate her. He assures her that she is not, but she still seems very uncertain. As the drive continues and Star's desperation grows, Dave works on her, she finally agrees to pee herself in front of the house, on the condition that he will never tell anyone what she did for him. When they finally arrive at her house, Star hurries to the door and is about to run inside to the bathroom when Dave reminds her of her promise. She hesitates, and looking rather embarrassed she wets herself in front of him. Her relief is clearly immense and she pees for a long time before the stream finally stops. She peels off her pantyhose before going inside where she enters the bathroom and removes her clothes. As she steps into the shower, she peeks around the curtain and asks Dave if he would like to join her.

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Will You Please Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

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