• She Had to Pee in Front of the Boss Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

Star is a financial trader who has been experiencing a few bad weeks. She has lost her company a lot of money and she is desperately trying to redeem herself, working long hours and not even taking time out to run to the bathroom when she needs to pee. After a very busy afternoon trading on the Hong Kong stock market, Star is bursting and must get to the ladies quickly. She is just running from her office when the boss arrives and insists that she sit back down and listen to what he has to say. He has decided to let Star go before she does any further damage to the company. Realizing that her career will be over if she is fired now, she pleads with her boss and tries to outline her new strategies, all the time squirming in discomfort with a very full bladder. She asks if she might just run to the bathroom but her boss is reluctant to let her leave the room. She is surprised and obviously disconcerted when he tells her that he will give her another chance if she stays and holds her pee until seven o'clock, some twenty minutes. Star needs her job as desperately as she needs to pee so she does her best to hold it. As the hands of the clock close in on seven, she begins to feel a sense of panic. She knows she is simply not going to make it and has no choice other than to squat down and pee on the floor. She is humiliated as well as annoyed, but she bites her tongue. She asks if she still has a job, and the boss agrees that she has, with the proviso that they might be doing this again tomorrow evening.

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She Had to Pee in Front of the Boss Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

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