• Humiliated Realtor Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

Star is supposed to be showing a house and her client is waiting, but she is running late because of an earlier client followed by heavy traffic. She arrives at the showing needing to pee, but maintains her composure and she leads the client into the house and begins to show him around. A minute into the tour, however, she decides she would rather not have to do the rest of it with a full bladder. She excuses herself and hurries to the bathroom, only to find a sign on the lid saying "DO NOT USE". She had not been informed of any plumbing work being carried out, and although she urgently needs to pee she resists the urge to go and returns to her client, making no mention of her predicament. As she shows him more rooms and then the basement, her need to pee increases, especially since a washing machine is running through its cycle in the basement and water can be heard trickling. Still, Star tries to keep her composure, discretely wiggling her legs. She hopes the client will be satisfied by what she has shown him, but instead he wants to see more of the grounds. He decides to sit on the garden furniture to soak up the ambience of the property, while Star sits with legs crossed desperately trying to sustain a coherent conversation. Just when she thinks that the tour might be over and the client will leave, allowing her to dash into the woods to pee, the client decides he would like to see the basement again. Star grits her teeth and leads him back there, and then has to stand listening to running water as the client asks more questions. Her attempts not to wiggle her legs too much backfire when she suddenly loses control of her bladder and wets herself in front of him. She ends the tour with profuse apologies, looking embarrassed and clearly anxious to get away.

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Humiliated Realtor Remastered (MP4) - Star Nine

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