• Going Nowhere (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

Filmed last after Sinthia had imbibed so much liquid that she was sure to reach bursting point which chained to the wood stove, she actually managed to down two more bottles of water on camera. Wearing just bra and panties, she sat, stood and squirmed her way through this one, her bladder bulge growing increasingly pronounced with time. Everything about her screamed that she was bursting, but she again set herself up for those extra twenty minutes (that seemed to be her thing). She had to compromise a bit towards the end because she genuinely could not hold it much longer, and was very worried about peeing on the carpet. She made an abortive attempt to reach the vase, but it was about six inches out of her reach. The frustration at not being able to go was driving her crazy. Being forced to hold it was like being stuck in a car without nowhere to stop or pull off, something she has plenty of experience with. She pleaded for the vase at the end, warning that she was about to lose control. When she released into the contain, the depth of pee confirmed that she had been at capacity and in danger of wetting herself on the floor. It was certainly an impressive amount.

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Going Nowhere (MP4) - Sinthia Bee

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