• Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting enhanced (MP4) - Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James

Candle and Jasmine have just finished a bondage scene, and Jasmine is released first. This is when Candle admits that she really needs to use the bathroom, so we turn control of the situation over to Jasmine who, once again, has a lot of fun tormenting poor Candle. First of all, Jasmine refuses to let her use the bathroom unless she rolls around on the floor (with a full bladder) making farmyard noises. When Candle keeps insisting that she MUST use the bathroom, Jasmine helps her up but does not untie her. Instead, she makes candle hop to the bathroom, several times pulling her back using the rope leash she has left herself to play with. When candle does finally get into the bathroom, Jasmine announces that she is going to pee first and that Candle will have to watch. Candle can't believe it and squirms as she waits her turn. At least, it looks as if Jasmine is going to let her pee. She pulls down Candle's tights and panties for her, but each time Candle tries to sit on the toilet, Jasmine pulls her back up and makes her wait a little longer. Finally, she does let Candle pee, but continues to mess with her when she gets up. Candle looks into the camera and shakes her head. For all her shyness, Jasmine has a demon in her when placed in a position of power.

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Jasmine Keeps Candle Waiting enhanced (MP4) - Candle Boxxx & Jasmine St James

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