• Take A Letter Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

Production notes:
Part of a set of three videos with a common theme, all recorded over one weekend. Jayne plays the role of a beleaguered secretary who is constantly placed in desperate situations by her boss, forcing her to disgrace herself over and over again. Why she continues to work for him is anyone's guess. In the third part, things do go wrong for Jayne and she finds herself tied to a porta potty, forced to wet her skirt yet again. This version of "Late A Letter" is about 3 minutes longer than the original.

Original description:
Upset by her wetting accident while waiting for that important phone call, Miss Jones has tendered her resignation. Now working her last day, the boss, far from pleased by her sudden and imminent departure, has a number of letters he wants to get out before he is left without clerical support for a while. When Miss Jones protests that she needs to use the bathroom, he insists that she finish taking dictation first because he once again has to go out, and these letters must go out today before she leaves. Intimidated by his stern manner, Miss Jones sits back down, tightly crosses her legs and does her best to concentrate on what the boss is saying. It isn't easy. Her bladder is very full. To make matters worse, the dictation is periodically interrupted by the telephone, and once again Miss Jones finds her self pee dancing in an effort not to wet herself... again! Alas, she has reached her limit, and while she is answering a call, her boss watches in dismay as she pees all over the floor. Perhaps it is just as well Miss Jones is leaving, he decides. However, before the day is over, he has a surprise for her!

14 minutes 34 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - picture aspect ratio: 4x3 - MP4: 693.0 MB

Take A Letter Remastered (MP4) - Jayne

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