• Absolutely Bursting (MP4) - Cadence Lux

The story: Cadence is being held prisoner by a man who finds was to torture her during her captivity. On this occasion, he has secured her to a chair using thick plastic cuffs, and perched the chair on a rubber mat, itself on top of a metal plate hooked up to an electricity supply. This is all to keep Cadence from trying to escape while he is out. Before he departs, she announces that she needs to pee. Her captor tells her to hold it, because if she loses control and wets herself, the urine will run across the mat onto the metal plate and she will electrocute herself. Thoroughly desperate for relief, Cadence has no choice but to hold it until he returns and switches off the power. She has an agonizing wait as her full bladder screams for relief, but she can't allow herself to give in. Her abdomen feels so tight that she can barely move. When her captor finally returns and throws the power switch to off, she pisses herself with incredible force, flooding the mat, the metal plate and the floor around her until her aching bladder is finally empty.

The story is 14 minutes in length. The remainder shows behind the scenes material which highlights how chronically desperate to pee Cadence was. She needed to pee about an hour before this video was filmed, drinking steadily and holding it to make her desperation as real as it gets. We were going to have lunch before filming, but Cadence reached such an advanced state of desperation that we had to get on with it before eating. Over the years, I have noticed that a sign of acute desperation is when a girl lifts her toes and stands on her heels, usually done when seated; it obviously affects the muscles in such a way that it alleviates some of the pressure.

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Absolutely Bursting (MP4) - Cadence Lux

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