• Withholding Permission enhanced (MP4) - Tara

Tara is from the local planning office and she is visiting a Mr. Jones who has erected a shed in his garden without obtaining planning permission. Tara confronts him about this issue and he objects that he should be allowed to put what he wants on his own property. Tara says it's Friday afternoon and her last call of the week, and all she wants is to resolve the issue and go home. Jones invites her in, ostensibly to discuss the situation. Once she is in his kitchen, however, he produces a weapon and makes her call the office to say she will not be back in that day. Tara, who needed to pee when she arrived, is now desperate, partly because she is now very nervous. When she asks Jones if she can use his bathroom, he asks her if she has a permit for using bathrooms in other peoples homes, and has there been an environmental study to assess the impacts. He makes Tara wait, enjoying seeing this official under pressure for a change. Tara is now seriously desperate and asks again for the bathroom but Jones simply withholds permission, the way she was planning to do with his building permit. Finally, when he makes her stand up and stand straight for the second time, Tara loses control of her bladder and wets herself. (Tara was truly desperate for this one, and the amount of pee that streams down her legs is very impressive). After she has finished, Jones makes her leave the premises, and poor Tara has to squelch her way along in her pee-filled shoes.

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Withholding Permission enhanced (MP4) - Tara

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