• Stable Hand's Revenge enhanced (MP4) - Tara

Tara arrives home from an afternoon at the riding stables absolutely dying to pee. As she enters the house, however, she encounters a man who has broken in. He is an ex-employee at the stables, and he lost his job because of a complaint that Tara made about him. Now it's time for revenge. He had planned only to confront Tara, but when he learns that she is desperate to pee, he decides to keep her waiting in the kitchen so that he can see her struggle not to humiliate herself. He forces Tara to stand with legs apart and do some stretching exercises, taxing her full bladder. When she just can't hold it any longer, Tara wets her jodhpurs, leaving a very visible wet patch around her crotch while the backs of her thighs are completely soaked. The dismissed stable hand now decides to take her to the stables like this to humiliate her in front of her rich little friends.

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Stable Hand's Revenge enhanced (MP4) - Tara

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